Anti Twist Camera Plate Insert

With the Canon 5D Mark II and III being one of the most popular cameras out there for both fantastic stills and video there is simple need that needs to be addressed.  This camera, like most other photography cameras were never designed in mind for the videographer and only has a single 1/4″-20 socket on the bottom of the camera.  While this is great for photography, videographers who use the popular Manfrotto 501 and 504 series quick release plates on their tripods, monopods and rigs will find that this single attachment point is prone to loosening up over time and the camera begins to twist on it’s plate.  

3D printing to the rescue!  We printed out a simple insert that allows the passthrough of the thumbscrew but added a lip on the 3D printed insert plus a tab.  Together the tab and the lip stops the camera from being able to twist by locking solidly against this lip in contact with the front of the camera.  The only caveat is that new longer thumbscrew is required since we have to account for the extra height of the anti twist plate.  Luckily, eBay is your friend and you can get a set of new longer thumbscrews for ~$2-5.  Problem solved for less than $5!