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3D Printed 6″ Tall Posable ATLAS (MWO Universe)

So we finally finished my 3D printed Atlas and gave it it’s own photoshoot. Roughly 30 parts (excluding pegs), Freely Stands at 6″ tall, most of the major joints are movable. Printed in Silver PLA. The biggest challenge was keeping the integrity of the atlas design while making the joints operational in a physical model, coupled with the limitations of FDM printing. Read more…

3D Printed 2.5″ Tall Posable Catapult (MWO Universe)

With all the interest in 3D printing and mechs, I thought it would be appropriate to venture into that area joining 2 of my interests.  Though I haven’t seen one printed from a consumer level printer yet and since I just got mine up and running a couple weeks ago, thought I’d share! Read more…

Printing Timelapse

Timelapse  <—–  Click Here to View