01 Ducati3D

3D printed Ducati 1199 Superbike on the Ultimaker

Check out our latest project with Ultimaker -the Ducati 1199 superbike!

This is one complex beast 3d printed on a stock Ultimaker Original. Consisting of over 40 individually designed parts, it is the most ambitious print we’ve designed so far. Along with Ultimaker, we wanted to show Ducati just how versatile their printers are. From on the spot customized printed keychains, to complex fully realized scale models of their product.

Here’s the real deal.

03 ducati02
Here’s our printed model

Check out Ultimaker’s blog to see our design philosophy on this project.

Most of the main parts

Painted with enamels, acrylics and lacquer paints (before final assembly)

Partial assembly with superglue. Check out that awesome chain. The gear teeth actually fits in the grooves on the links!


banana for scale.


Time for the pictures! Enjoy!

025 ducati 07

024 ducati 03






06 Ducati3D

05 Ducati3D

04 ducati05

03 ducati02


01 Ducati3D

Did I mention you can download and print it yourself? Head on over to youmagine.

(though be warned, there are a few parts that require some filing and fitting, stay tuned for a newbie friendlier version with instructions next month) For now, only intermediate to advanced modellers and printers recommended.

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