3D printed Full sized Obi Wan Lightsaber

I made a lightsaber for May the 4th be with you day! You can download and print your own… read on! Based as closely as possible to this guy. ANH_O_REFERENCE     Here’s the raw print, dry assembled, printed on my Ultimaker 1, took around a day at 0.12 mm layer height. Came out quite nice!     IMG_20140428_000804     And here’s the final piece! (details on how it’s made to come later) I went for the rusty weathered look, 3D printed stuff lends itself to that I think.   UM_Lightsaber-20 UM_Lightsaber-19 UM_Lightsaber-18 Print lines. UM_Lightsaber-17 UM_Lightsaber-16 UM_Lightsaber-15 UM_Lightsaber-12   The bubbles are suppose to be clear, but I didn’t have any transparent filament :/ still, they printed very nicely. UM_Lightsaber-11 UM_Lightsaber-10 UM_Lightsaber-9 UM_Lightsaber-8 UM_Lightsaber-7 UM_Lightsaber-6 Baby light saber at 50% size for comparison.   UM_Lightsaber-5 I printed a glow in the dark PLA blade and illuminated with a 1w blue laser… which appropriately looks like a lightsaber by itself. UM_Lightsaber-4B UM_Lightsaber-1   Thanks for looking! More to come later… But in the meantime: You can download and print your own here on Youmagine