Atlas painting … step by step

Since the airbrush was a success on the catapult, it’s time for something bigger! Step by step. Raw Printed V2 Atlas, Puttied major gaps & Disassembled. IMG_00001753     Ok, not totally disassembled. IMG_00001754     Black Vallejo Polyurethane Airbrush primer. great stuff. IMG_00001755     Pre-shading with white. (just spraying into the raised areas. avoiding the shadows. IMG_00001761     First basecoat colour of ancient citidel colours ultramarine blue, thinned down for airbrush. IMG_00001762     Added a bit of white and yellow to the blue mix for highlights. (it’s very subtle) IMG_00001763   Added some black and brown to the blue and sprayed in sh adow areas. More contrast now… IMG_00001768     Brushed on the greyish parts with a brush to separate the tertiary colours. And basing the silver components. Because silver works well on grey, not so much blue. IMG_00001770   Basecoat secondary colour – white stripes! with brush. Lookin cool, but too clean. IMG_00001772   Sprayed the top with some light grey to dullify the blue a little bit. It was a bit extreme. Some brown on the bottom to simulate mud/dust. IMG_00001775   Black washed the grooves for additional contrast and wear. IMG_00001776   paint chips and additional weather and wear added selectively with silver mixed with grey, and then silver again for the really raw spots. IMG_00001779   Almost done!, just need final details. Adding brown rust on rusty spots. IMG_00001777   And finally some touchups, red eyes, green laser lenses with gloss. A bit more scratched panels on the head. IMG_00001780   DONE! IMG_00001797 IMG_00001807 IMG_00001805 IMG_00001804 IMG_00001802 IMG_00001798 Definitely a more enjoyable experience painting with an airbrush. Faster, and better result! Used a combination of Vallejo Model paints, Citidel paints, artist acrylics (those big bottles for crafts) Basically whatever works.. it all seems to spray fine on my airbrush if thinned enough. Artist paints causing the most clogs, but by volume the most inexpensive.