Mjolnir! (Thor’s Hammer)

We designed our own Thor’s hammer (Mjolnir) with custom engraving.  We’ll let you figure out what the engraving says however the design is reminiscent of the Mjolnir as featured in the recent Marvel blockbuster.  We’ve added a small strip of leather which seems to add to it’s authenticity.  For the extra mini version, we’ve put on a coat of paint so simulate wear and although the engraving is not as fine on the small version, the paint really takes it away from the 3D Print realm into something your imagination could accept. A special stand holds Thor’s Hammer at a 45 degree angle just the way Thor’s hammer was meant to be shown off!

Check out the new updated Pictures here!

  005-mjolnir001-mjolnir 002-mjolnir 003-mjolnir 004-mjolnir  006-mjolnir 007-mjolnir 008-mjolnir


  1. Laura

    I am wondering if you can make this as a pendant to wear around the neck? I really like this style, which looks just like the one in the movie. Please let me know. I’ve looked through so many websites, and haven’t found a Thor hammer to my liking. They look weird or not even close to the one in the movie. Thanks ahead, Laura

    • It’s quite possible in it’s current state already as long as the cap with the leather strap is secure, you could use it as a pendant. The necklace could go through the leather strap or the cap can be replaced with a ring. The design is based on the Avengers movie version of the hammer so it should be pretty close. I’d imagine you’d want it a bit smaller for a pendant, currently it’s 100mm tall.

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