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Valcrow talks about his Mechs with Norm @

Watch another session with Jacky and Norm talking about Jacky’s earlier Mechwarrior builds at  If you have been following Redicubricks for a while, these were some of the much earlier models Jacky made on his Ultimaker Original.  Hit up the Mechwarrior tag to see the older Redicubrick posts.

Redicubricks does a guest series with

Redicubricks Valcrow is doing a series of small 3D printing talks with Norm and Sean @  Tons of great insight into our 3D printing design philosophy and methodology so check it out!

The Best tests are the useful ones! MicShim

We got our hands on some NinjaFlex and really wanted to test it out.  Then we got this great idea that it should be something functional.  
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Highlights from Mini Makerfaire Toronto.

We were super excited to be able to attend the Mini Makerfaire in Toronto this November.  Of course, it being a Mini Makerfaire (with free admission), it could not be compared to the World Makerfaire in NYC in September.  However, it has it’s own charms with it’s own character.  In our home city of Toronto, the very large Toronto Reference Library was the new venue for the event this year.  Since it was a smaller event than the world makerfaires, you get to see it all and not wonder what you’ve missed with all the cool things that grab your attention.

Here is a mini highlight of the event:

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Anti Twist Camera Plate Insert

With the Canon 5D Mark II and III being one of the most popular cameras out there for both fantastic stills and video there is simple need that needs to be addressed.   Read more…

2nd Place in the Makerbot Thingiverse Mars Base Design.

The challenge winners have finally been released for the Makerbot / Thingiverse Mars Base design challenge.   Read more…

New options available for custom prints.

Due to popular demand, we’ve made a few items available for custom printing on the redicubricks website.  Right now we have 2 items available in either raw prints or hand painted finished pieces.   Read more…

Custom “Hybrid” Fan Art with the MWO: Atlas + Jenner (S)

Two awesome battle scenes made with 3 physical custom painted 3D printed models. Read more…

BTS Video


Custom “Photography” fan art for the MWO: Atlas

I took Valcrow’s 3D printed Atlas out for a special shoot involving 3 light sources 2 actual lasers (green and blue) and a mist maker.   Read more…

3D Printed Belkar – the sexy, shoeless God of War

For those of you who already know, yes, this is amazing!  For those who don’t, this is Belkar Bitterleaf from the Order of the Stick online comic series now in 3D glory.  Do yourself a favour and spend the next week on this:  OOTS Easily the best character in the series!  We forgot to do a shot for scale but he is 4″ tall. Read more…

How it’s made!

How was it done? Read more…

MWO Atlas model gets a paint job.

So this is the preliminary results of my paint testing. In my quest to figure out what sticks to printed PLA and figure out what other issues arises for painting, I decided to try and paint one of my atlas’s (the one with the most print related flaws In-case I mess it up). To figure out what level of resolution is required before the print flaws go away under paint. Read more…
citris reamer

Citrus Reamer, Traffic Red Premium PLA.

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Custom Loupe for Video Monitoring. THP Beholder.

For those of you who know, the 5D is really a remarkable camera for stills.  Surprisingly, as we delved into the world of video, we discovered the high potential of the 5D in it’s additional role as a video camera.  However, first and foremost, it is a stills camera and it’s design reflects that.  When you use it for dedicated video, you quickly realize some of the shortcomings.   Read more…